The first and pioneer of Data Aggregation and Open Banking API in Indonesia

Finfini is the pioneer of Account Aggregation and open banking API in Indonesia, with more than 10 years experience honing our skills and putting best practice. Helping our clients to reach maximum efficiency in their operation, or exploring new ideas and innovation.

Our Product & Services

From connecting Account Aggregation with open banking API platform, to transaction data processing, and combatting fraud. We have a suite of products that could increase your efficiencies and reduce SLA, and also weeding out fraudsters at the same time.

Account & Data Aggregation

Connect your existing application with multiple bank transaction feeds using our Account Aggregation features quickly. Using RESTful APIs and SDKs for quick integration, it has been built with the ease of development in mind.

Estatement Convert To XLS (FREE!)

Our E-statement PDF converter is not just an usual converter in the market. It is equipped with a state of the art technology in Auto-Netting and Auto-Categorization that helps your Credit Risk team, do financial analyses 30 - 60 minutes faster on each documents!

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Our OCR suite covers most of Indonesian Government issued documentation, ranging from KTP, Driver's License, Passport, Family Card and etc. It is also equipped with machine learning technology to spot fake and tampered documentation.

FaceMatch & FaceSearch (Beta)

Our extensive consortium networks actively scans for fugitives, fraudsters and criminals across the web, that is being fed into the database in realtime. Tap into our face-match and FaceSearch features to stop potential Fraudster in its track!

Know Your Business (KYB) Service

This service can verify your business to avoid several cases like someone claiming your business, a fake address, and many more. So, you can make your business more visible and get more trust.

Our Customer Segments

If you are one of these segments, chances are we have something to help you and becomes your best partner in combatting fraud and increase your operation efficiencies!

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Our Customers

Here are some of our prominent customers who are happy using Finfini’s Services

"Finfini helps our team cut 50% of our operations time!"

We implemented Finfini's end to end solution in Koinworks, the bank connect and the PDF converter. It's really amazing how fast our on-boarding process has become, it cuts 50% time in borrower on-boarding process, as well as our internal operations! Godspeed for Finfini!
Noviyanto Ewanjaya
Senior Product Manager - Koinworks

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