The first and pioneer of Data Aggregation and Open Banking API in Indonesia

As the pioneer of Account Aggregation and open banking API in Indonesia, we are a team of big data geeks with a passion for building, solving, and making things happen. Helping our clients to reach maximum efficiency in their operation, or exploring new ideas and innovation.

Our Product & Services

From Account Aggregation to the open banking API platform, transaction data processing, and fraud detection. We have a range of products that can boost business efficiencies and lower SLA while also weeding out scammers.

Bank Connect & Data Aggregation Services

Turn to the seamless way for you to track your accounts and make it easier for you to analyze your finances.

Anti Fraud Investigation System

It is possible for you to minimize the risk of fraud by verifying data such as email, phone number and facial identity.

KYC (Know your Customers) Services

No more than 30 seconds, you can verify the data of someone who will transact with your company.

Know Your Business (KYB) Service

You can avoid situations such as someone claiming your company, or a bogus location, to increase the visibility and help the company gain greater trust.

Our Customer Segments

If you fall into one of these categories, chances are we can assist you and become your finest partner in combating fraud and increasing your operational efficiencies!

human resource
e commerce

Our Clients

Here are some of our prominent clients who are pleased with Finfini’s services.

sampoerna school system

"Finfini helps our team cut 50% of our operations time!"

We implemented Finfini's end to end solution in Koinworks, the bank connect and the PDF converter. It's really amazing how fast our on-boarding process has become, it cuts 50% time in borrower on-boarding process, as well as our internal operations! Godspeed for Finfini!
Noviyanto Ewanjaya
Senior Product Manager - Koinworks

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