OTP Address - KYB Verification

More accurate assessment and easy process to validate business partner by sending an OTP code to the partner’s address

What is OTP Address?

OTP address is a secret code that is sent to your home address and then you need to enter the OTP into the system to make sure your data is valid

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Why you Should Use This Method?

Here are several advantages of OTP address method:


OTPs are generated dynamically and are only valid for a single use, making it much more secure than traditional passwords that are easily hackable.


OTPs can be sent via text message or email, making the verification process quick and convenient.


The process combines online research with a physical address verification to confirm the individual's or business' identity and location

Improved User Experience

Eliminates the need for multiple steps and lengthy forms, providing a user-friendly experience for customers.

Procedures for the OTP Address Method

Here are some steps to do OTP address method:

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Prior to OTP verification, the customer will be asked to provide paperwork and information to confirm the identity and legitimacy of their business partners, suppliers, or clients.

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OTP Request

The customer will request that an OTP be sent to the address given by the person or business being verified.

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The OTP will be sent to the provided address, and the client will receive address confirmation once the OTP has been verified.

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After the OTP verification, the team will generate a comprehensive report summarizing their findings, including any areas of concern or risk.

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