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Why Should You Use Bank Statement Converter?

High Efficiency

You can save more times to get converted e-statement data from 1 hour to 10 minutes. So you can focus on more important thing.

Auto Categorization

Out bank statement PDF converter will clean and categorize the data into relevan category. Its spots intallment, debt payment, revenue and expense.

Reduce Cost

By this bank statement PDF converter tools, you can convert the data automatically with artificial intelligence (AI). You don't need use more employees anymore to do this task.

Name Cleaning

Your e-statement transaction detail will be cleaned and grouped into name of senders automatically by our tool.

Auto Netting

Auto-netting will automatically remove non income transaction from the result of the conversion, so you can calculating DSCR will be simpler

Debit-Credit Splitting

Its automatically splits Debit and Credit transaction, so its easier for you to see the data without any confusion.

How This Product Works?

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Drag PDF File

Drag or import the PDF file of E-Statement

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Convert Data

Our bank statement PDF converter will cleaning and categorize the data

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Get Clean Data

User can get clean data in XLS format instantly from our tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bank statement converter is a tools to make easier to check whether the E-Statement is fake or not and convert it to XLS format.

For 500kb size of document, our tools can process until 3-4 minutes.

Just 30 minutes and you can get e-statement for each bank.

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