Best Data Aggregation Platform to Save your Time Efficiently

You can see all of bank activities and transactions in one place. You can save more times to check your bank mutations.

Why Should You Use This Data Aggregation Tools?

One Stop Banking

You can monitoring transactions data from several bank just in one platform.

Risk Profile Checking

You can check your risk profile with the help of this data aggregation platform.

Sales Monitoring

By this tools, you can get monitoring all of your sales transactions from several marketplaces.

Reduce Your Cost

By this data aggregation tools, you can save your employee cost to checking mutations manually.

Financial Recording

Our tools can help your company to recording balance sheets and profit and loss charts.

Scraping Contacts

Our tools can scraping contacts that will be used in broadcast marketing to increase customers.

How This Product Works?

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Input Bank Account

User input the username and password of bank account to our system

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Get OTP Code

User get OTP/Captcha solver for give access to our data aggregation platform.

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Monitoring Mutation

Bank mutations and balance every users are saved

Frequently Asked Questions

Data aggregation tools is a tools that help to collect data for analytics and decision making need.

You just register on Finfini and then you can hit Finfini API to get many account bank records.

Just 30 minutes and you can get e-statement for each bank.

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We can help you to monitor all of your bank data just in one platform. Want to try?

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