Best Face Search & Face Match API With High Accuracy

Find and detect user similarities to find probabilities of fraundster or criminal just with this tool

Why Should You Use This Face Search & Face Match Tool?

High Accuracy

This face match API tools can match face you uploaded with another database with up to 90% accuracy.

Fast Response

When you upload your document, our tools can be process and takes time around 1 minute (low latency).

High Efficiency

By this tools, you can save more times to search and match the face you want to find the detail of data.

How This Product Works?

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User Input Data

User take selfie and took photo KTP to our face match API.

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Finding Data

Our tool using machine learning to find any similarities from user data to another database.

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If the result < 95% similiraties, then there's probability user is fraudster etc

Frequently Asked Questions

FaceMatch API is feature to detect user isimilarities and compare it with another database to find probabilities of fraudster and criminal.

Usually, this facematch tools used to:

1. To help criminal investigation dept (Kepolisian, Kejaksaan ) to find evidence of criminal with that not recorded in their database
2. To help FinTech (ex : P2P) and Bank check If the posibilities the of the fraudster and criminal

Are you interested?

We can help you to find the detail of user data to find probabilities of criminal or fraudster with this tools. Want to try?

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