Don’t Take Chances of Your Business Relationship With Our "Know Your Business Services"

Verify the identity and legitimacy of your clients, suppliers, or business partners.

Why Should You Use Our KYB Services For More Business Growth?

There are currently no effective methods in verifying the legitimacy of Small and Micro SMEs business around the globe, especially if they do not have the official documentation. If you would like to grow exponentially using technology, and want to reach out those Micro SMEs in remote areas, we could provide the best solution for you!

Accurate & Effective

Our method is simple and accurate in providing you if the business they claim is actually a valid business. And the person who claimed to own it was actually the authorized representation of the business.


Our on-demand small business verification will save you a lot of cost rather than having regional offices, staff and operational activity in a certain area. Just provide the details and address, our agent will be dispatched to the designated location within 24 hours. You will only pay per verification done.


Our vast network of onsite agents across remote locations in Indonesia, can be called rapidly to answer your growing Small and Micro business onboarding.

Range of Our Services

We offer 4 methods of doing a rapid and scalable KYB process, in which you can choose one or all of them at your convenience.

onsite verification

Your customers send you the details of their business and owner information. Pass that data to us, and we will dispatch our onsite agents to the location, and basically verify some informations.

video call

Our team will perform the same SOP of the onsite verification, but everything is done using a live video call. 

video recording for know your business

Method is the same with onsite and live video calls. However they will just send a full uncut video to perform the verification.

address otp

Your customers send you their address, we will send an OTP to that address, and they will input it on the system.

How to Register 'Know Your Business' Services

To use Finfini’s KYB service, you must go through the following steps:

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You need to fill the registration form at the bottom of this page

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Our team will contact you to discuss about your company needs

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Online Meeting

We will set online meeting to discuss more intense about your needs

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We will verify your customer's business based on the method you previously selected

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about ‘Know your business’ services

KYB or Know Your Business is a regulation that requires companies to review the activities of the agencies they work with.

KYB has the same goal as KYC or Know Your Customer, which is to assess and understand the risks posed by new and existing business relationships.

There are five common business challenges:

  • Fake business addresses, 
  • Unknown persons claiming to be business owners, 
  • Employees claiming to be owners, 
  • Fake business, and
  • Owners using employee names.



Have a Trade Business License (SIUP), disturbance permit (HO), POS system, inventory photos, photos of business places, photos of business owners’ ID cards, and selfies of business owners.

Verification of current business location can be done by showing street sign name, showing business, neighborhood and surrounding area, showing signature belonging to business, and showing business from front location and go to the next step.

In video (raw and uncut) show business equipment, show customers doing transactions (if any), show employees working and doing their jobs, show any business activity, show stock, cooking, packing, labeling (if any), and show an exit receipt for purchasing goods or services for the business.

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