Best OCR Tools to Recognize Many Documents Quickly

Reduce your time and cost to validate user info just with this optical character recognition app (OCR)

The reason why you need OCR tools?

You can save more times to validate user info to account registration, especially in fintech and bank. OCR tools will detect vital data, like name, gender, etc on a document automatically.

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Why Should You Use OCR Tools Finfini?

Auto Rotation

Auto rotation will correct your uploaded file into the correct orientation, so you dont have to worry about it

Auto Correction

OCR tool also optimized with auto correction featured, if some data are wrong or other scenario, auto correction machine will correct the data 

Auto Recognise

Our OCR Document automatically recognize file different file types, like KTP, SIM, KK, Passport, Student cards etc.

Anti Spoofing

Anti-Spoofing preventing false facial verification by using a photo, mask or a different substitute for an authorized person’s face

Face Comparison

User face will be compared between Photo KTP and Selfie, Finding any similarity and verify real identification of user

Manual Assessment

Our team will be manually correct the result data, with manual assessment, the accuracy of OCR service is 99%

What Kind of Document can be Processed by OCR Tools Finfini?

Our OCR Document automatically recognize file different file types, like KTP, SIM, KK, Passport, Student cards etc.
ocr ktp


Our OCR KTP is optimized to extract information NIK, DoB, Name, KTP picture and other important data

ocr sim


OCR system will recognize automatically and extract information from the Uploaded SIM. such as Name, Photo, DoB and other important data

ocr kk


Optimization for out OCR system will recognize KK is uploaded and extract the data accordingly. such as KK Number, Family member name, Status and other needed data

How This Product Works?

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Load Camera

Our system SDK will load preinstalled camera.

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Take a Picture

User take a picture of document that will be processed, like KTP, KK, etc.

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Convert Data

Our system will read data with machine learning technology and convert to prefilled data.

Frequently Asked Questions

OCR or Optical character recognition is a tool to recognized your file, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.

You can use this tools to extract data information from a photo. We mainly use OCR for KTP, by using our tool, we help our client to get the information data from KTP quickly, and efficiently, and also proven more accurate with manual assessment so you can save more times.

This process take less than 1 minute. But, this process can take more than 1 minute if the picture is not same with the requirement.

OCR tools from Finfini have 95% accuration to recognize document uploaded

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