Video Call Method - KYB Verification

The KYB video call method offers customers a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective solution for verifying process.

Why You Should Use Video Call Method?

Here are the reasons why you should use this method:


The method allows customers to verify the information without the need for travel or an onsite visit.

Enhanced Security

The method provides customers with an added layer of security, as they can verify the information from a remote location.

Procedures for the Video Call Method

Here are some steps to do video call method:

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Before the video call, the customer will be asked to provide documentation and information in order to validate the name and legitimacy of their business partners, suppliers, or clients.

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Schedule a Video Call Session

Schedule a video call with a KYB expert, who will verify the information provided and conduct the video call from a remote location.

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During the video call, the KYB expert will use various methods, such as document analysis and identity verification, to verify the information provided and ensure compliance with industry regulations and legal requirements.

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After video call the team will generate a comprehensive report summarizing their findings, including any areas of concern or risk.

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