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Here are some Finfini products in the banking sector that can help you:

Our Product & Services

From connecting Account Aggregation with open banking API platform, to transaction data processing, and combatting fraud. We have a suite of products that could increase your efficiencies and reduce SLA, and also weeding out fraudsters at the same time.

Bank Connect & Data Aggregation Services

Connect your account data from various banks in just 1 application on finfini to make it easier to monitor your financial activities. You can also make banking data processing easier with our services

Anti Fraud Investigation System

Verify your data such as email, cellphone number, to facial identity to ensure the data you provide is valid. That way, you can minimize the risk of fraud in future transactions related to that data.

KYC (Know your Customers) Services

Verify the data of someone who will transact with your company with the help of our services. Just enter someone's personal data then we will match that data with the dukcapil's database only 30 seconds.

Know Your Business (KYB) Service

This service can verify your business to avoid several cases like someone claiming your business, a fake address, and many more. So, you can make your business more visible and get more trust.

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We can help you to monitor all of your bank data just in one platform. Want to try?

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