Don’t Take Chances of Your Business and Get to Know Your Customer Safety

Verify the identity of your customers and ensure they are not associated with illegal or fraudulent activities.

Why Should You Use KYC Services?

Here are the reasons why you need KYC services for your business:

Improved Security Guard

Helps businesses verify the identity of their customers and prevent fraudulent activities

Legal Compliance

Ensure the regulations is right to avoid legal and financial risks on business

Better Customer Experience

Provide a safer and more secure experience for the customers

Increased Efficiency

Faster customer onboarding progress while saving time for business

Fast Process

The process takes only seconds to complete,  allowing your business to focus on what really matters: building relationships with your customers. Our streamlined verification process ensures that you can quickly and easily onboard new customers, with no delays or complications.

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kyc with high accuracy

High Accuracy

We recognize the importance of accuracy in the verification process, our KYC system is designed to produce highly accurate results. Our advanced algorithms and machine learning technology ensure that every verification is performed precisely, giving you complete confidence in your customer data.

How to Register Know Your Customer (KYC) Services?

To  use Finfini’s KYC service, you must go through the following steps:

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You need to register to be able to use our KYC services

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Input Data

You need to input your data and our system will process it

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After process your data, our services return the results whether your data is valid or not

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about ‘Know your Customer’ services

Yes, our system has been integrated with dukcapil so that the results given are more accurate

For KYC lite, you should input your ID card. For KYC Pro, you should input your ID card and take a selfie.

You will see the result of KYC around 30 seconds after submit your data

Are you interested?

We can help you to find the detail of user data to find probabilities of criminal or fraudster with this tools. Want to try?